A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success! - Doug Larson

Apart from even more training on and off the horse and recapping all my mental training stuff, there is ONE thing that every equestrian needs when they have a bad show day: family and friends!

They are there for you as grooms, they cook your meals, they offer you a place to sleep, they come and watch your tests (and most likely see the drama! Even if the don't have a clue about horses....),

Watching you ride in excitement

they scream (MUM! It is NOT allowed to make sounds like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" in the opera scene when I leave the show ring),

Cheering even if there is no reason

they shout even more when you approach them after a bad ride (MUM! 4,5 IS NOT A GOOD RESULT when 10 is the best - at least my dad realized: below 6 we do not even talk about it...),

they dry your tears when you cannot hold them anymore because you are so disappointed, 

Me after the show

they shrug their shoulders when you come back home and you tell them how bad it went telling you that this is no problem, they offer you support and send you encouraging texts and lift you up,

they make you laugh again.

Above all, they love you! Even without that silly ribbon....

Without family and friends, things like last week (we'd better not talk about it anymore) would be pretty hard to bear. 

And yes, I know that a missed horse show is not the end of the world...but it feels like - at least until some of these minions (aka my family and friends) come and cheer you up!

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