[Guest Blog] 5 Books About Horse Riding For Beginners You Must Read

Are you a true horse lover or just want to ride a horse? The first thing you need to do is to conduct some groundwork and read the required literature. If you are a student and a horse lover and wish not to waste your time to boring academic assignments, you may always address to a book review help. Thus, we hope that these 5 best horse books picked in this article make you a little bit closer to understand an art of connection between a rider and these beautiful animals.

Perry Wood. Real Riding: How to Ride in Harmony with Horses.

The name of Perry Wood is familiar to any person who is interested anyhow in a horsemanship – he is an author of several equestrian books, an experienced rider, and a teacher. The Real Riding is one of the most important books for a newer at this sphere. It is written in a funny and easy manner, filled with innovating and entertaining rules of training. The author states that horses are amazing God’s creatures that are intelligent and truly faithful and they are worth to be carefully studied.

The approach described in a book is a one of empathy and understanding towards the horse. If you treat your horse with love, care and you are attentive to its wills – it is becoming your partner and a friend, all the joy and trust of your horse may radically change your performance. This book also reveals ideas on care and communication, and that is helpful for anyone who makes the acquaintance with a world of riding sports.

Elwyn Hartley Edwards: The New Encyclopedia of The Horse
The encyclopedia created by an equestrian expert is a known sample of horse training book. The New Encyclopedia is an adapted rewritten edition as for professional horse-breeders as for amateurs with new chapters about riding styles, current international sports events, training, and management. Last two sections explain in details the basis of the care methods. The book is decorated with more than 150 professional photos illustrating the major breeds of horse and pony. It also retells us the history of the evolution of every breed, their contribution to civilization – at war, work and sport, etc. As a part of a history, it touches on the history of domestication of the horses.

Rich in anecdotes and fun historical facts, this book is a good start for a child’s education of equestrian sport.

Arthur Conan Doyle: Silver Blaze

The Adventure of Silver Blaze is a short story from a series “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” which tells us a story about a racehorse - a famous champion and its disappearance. This is an atmospheric and mysterious story which may introduce you the world of the jockeys and tournaments.

Henry Blake: Talking with Horses: A Study of Communication Between Man and Horse
The original horse whisperer with a lifetime experience of work with equines shares some unique and vivid experience of his supervisions and investigations for riders of all skill levels.

From Henry’s words after several years of working with horses, he understood one simple thing – if you wish to achieve good results at the competitions – make your horse happy. As a bonus for happiness and wealth of your horse, you’ll obtain success. The book is about the power of animal’s instincts and about the special rapport between a human and a horse, about using some kind of telepathy and extra-sensory perception. It teaches how to think and move as one integral unit, how to motivate a horse and to see its real physical and emotional needs.

Dick Francis: Favorit

Richard Stanley “Dick” Francis was a famous British jockey and a writer of more than 40 crime novels. Most of his novels are centered on equestrian sport and “Favorit” is one of his best-known books.

These stories will move you to a fascinating and passionate world of horse sport. Strong characters, absorbing plots and amazing lush descriptions of breeds, weight and build and colors. Don’t miss a chance to explore this world from within with great novels of Dick Francis!

We have given you a short description of 5 horse books for beginners, and hopefully, some of them may become a good start for the establishment a contact between you and your horse in case that you have already started to ride.

Thanks to Jeremy Raynolds for this great guest blog!


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