Hafl has tons of blankets, saddle pads, polo wraps etc. He has a big cupboard at the barn, and the rest is stored in my basement. We love new stuff and there are things that we like especially. Let us share some of our favorite products with you:

Ceramic Energy Blanket and Bandages- "Happy Moving" from Loesdau, Germany

Adjustable neck - very good idea!
I bought this blanket and the matching bandages just before our last show last October. Since then, we use the blanket everyday as sweat blanket and if there is enough time, I simply use it for giving him some extra wellness treatment. How does is work? The special fabric works with infrared technology by reflecting warmth coming from your body. The warmth reflected feels very cozy and is not too hot allowing you to warm up the back of your horse before you mount. The blanket dries pretty quickly, is easily machine washable and it is not too difficult to brush loose hair off.

The design and the colors used are very elegant, two front buckles, surcingles as well as adjustable size around the neck make this blanket fit every horse well - especially for the attractive price!

Hafl ready for take off wearing Happy Moving Blanket and Bandages
I can see Hafl relaxing a lot when he wears this blanket, I am sure that the technology works. Not only because I THINK he relaxes but because I bought the bandages pad from the same collection for myself. Between sheet and mattress it is kept nicely in place when I sleep. I also wrap it around my damaged knee when it is hurting once in a while.

Just saw that the collection was extended with stable boots and halter pad - stable boots are definitely on my list now ;)

Check the blanket out here: Happy Moving Sweat Blanket


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