Our first FEI dressage test

In September, we rode our first FEI test (2nd level). It was the same weekend we started for the first time in a 20x60m arena as we are used to 20x40m in Austria only. Anyhow, we did pretty well, almost scored 63% (to be exact: 62.759%), got our first ribbon in second level and our first point for the next license.

As taking part in the FEI Dressage Judge Challenge on judgemyride.net, I uploaded following video:

Please see other entries (wow, there are some pretty good ones!) here:


And here are the points of the ground jury in detail (English translation of the test to be found here: Team Competition Children):

The marks - never mind the socks below - should have scanned it ;)

We had some highlights, even those unexpected ones like 7s in the canter...but of course we gave away marks way to easy (like halt salute etc). Aiming 2014 for next higher marks...

Anyway, look who was happy when leaving the ring :D

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