Proofs of Horse People's Craziness: Sleeping in a horse trailer [1]

When competing, ALWAYS make sure that the athlete gets time to rest. Thus, Hafl gets a nice stall when being on a show overnight with lots of extra shavings and hay.

Hafl in his show home

Somebody might forget that I AM AN ATHLETE TOO! Still, on one of our horse shows this seasons, we decided to stay next to the horses. Sleeping in a tent is not an option (did I tell already that I hate camping?), so what to do? The ultimate solution: sleeping in the horse trailer. Not a brand new one, the one the horses came with. Full of hay. I am suffering from hay fever. No problem! As long as Hafl is doing fine in his nice bed, right?

The horse trailer from outside....seems HUGE...

Well, to make it less uncomfortable, I bought sort of beach lounger (normally, people use it for lying on the the to the sea...). I took my sleeping bag with me, nights can still get cold in June, and an extra blanket. Still, I was freezing!

There we go: nice carpet...two separate bed rooms, light.

At least, we had sort of light inside:

Let there be light....
Cushions, cushions and more cushions...

You realize that only the bathroom was missing. OK, it rained outside and there was a garden hose. With Hafl's feed bin and some shampoo, I almost got clean. Almost. After a shower in bathing suit, bathing suit and co need to be dried... and all the other stuff that got soaked during a rainy day...

Right next to the things that need to dry, there was a need to lay things we would need for the day after:

The best thing apart from light and lots of space (NOT!): BEDTIME SWEETS YUMMY :D

Bedtime sweets hanging from the ceiling

The most important question after a tough night in the trailer: Did it influence my performance on that weekend? Well, no, as Saturday was rather bad but on Sunday it went way better. What is the moral of the story?

Sleep in a trailer, ride better ;)

Ribbons of that weekend

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