Top 5 Horsey Moments 2013

Just one day after Thanksgiving (and right before this year ends), let me think of  horsey moments which I am really thankful for this year. It was a great season, I met so many new people, got so many new and nice impressions and learned that much.

1. The moment believing in us paid off

After last year's show season I was about to quit competitions as I was disappointed and could not think of it getting any better next year. Still, there were people telling me not to stop and in the end, I gained self-confidence again. All the hard work paid off bringing us the best season so far and such a whole lot of fun!

First show this year - HAPPY :)

2. The moment I realized that it is all about thinking

Reading books from Jane Savoie and Co helped me a lot in realizing and understanding that it is not all about physical strength and training but mental training as well. I will refer back to my main take aways in another post. To put it in a nutshell, you have to feel it to make it happen!

3. The moment I left for one month to the Netherlands

I knew that this trip was going to change my way of working with horses, but I was not aware that it would change that much. In this month as dressage trainee at Moravita's, I did not learn only about horses and training, I also learned so much about myself! I had a great time there, something to remember.

4. The moments we got our first blue ribbon, our first medal, our first winner's blanket

These were moments that you can only hardly describe. Standing there at the award giving ceremony and getting a proof in form of ribbons or whatever for the hard work is simply awesome.

5. The moment I realized how lucky I was

That's the moment I have every day when I am with my horse. Feeling the true friendship between us, working together on goals and improving over time is just fun! It is way more than a hobby, it is definitely passion. And I am really lucky and thankful that I have the possibility to experience it!

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