Are you going regularly for rides these days?

This week, the husband of one of my American colleagues asked me that question. For him, it seems rather unlikely that I will still work my horse with these days' temperatures below 0°C and foggy evenings. Well, I answered: Yes of course, it is till the five days a week training plan. He said last time he took the girls to their riding lessons, they were almost freezing. I have to admit, yes, it is cold right now. And yes, it is pretty difficult to breathe in the heavy fog. What's more, I do not know what to wear: thick jacket is getting way to hot during the lesson, so, I try a body warmer and long sleeves. Still, I am sweating.

Hafl is more than nasty these days. He is feeling that comfortable with the temperatures that he is super fresh under saddle. Every corner has a surprise, his concentration is only on the darkness and the fog and the hidden monsters within. It is hard to get him do his work properly without spooking, raising his head or whatever stupid idea coming across his mind.

But apart from all these drawbacks, I love to go for a ride these days. And I love it even more at night. I am alone at the barn, I can totally relax (expect from Hafl's spooky moments of course!), everything is calm.

Opposite of the outside arena there is a hill with houses (not eyes ;) ) and everybody has their seasonal decoration and lights, you can see your and your horse's breath, the only thing you hear is the rhythmic knock knock of your horse's hooves touching the ground.

Everything feels so much more concentrated, there are way less distractions for me as a rider. I keep my mobile phone playing my favorite music and I am 100% with the horse. And you see a wonderful frozen scenery! All the trees around the arena are covered with a white, fluffy film (It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die) causing a magical surrounding that even let's me forget about my worries while riding! I tried to take some pictures this week and I love them!

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