Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors 2013

Since 2008, every year around Christmas the Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors take place in Salzburg, Austria close to the German border.

Salzburg, Austria
I have never been there, although we are living only 180km away. So this year we decided to have a closer look and startet at 7am direction Salzburg, cross the Tauern mountains deeply covered in snow (awww Christmas feeling on the highway).

The show venue offers a CSI4*, Austria's only CDI5*, CVI-W Vaulting World Cup and for the first time in Europe in that dimension an indoor Cross Country. List of participants was a who is who of the world's leading riders guaranteeing a nice international atmosphere. Here only the CDI5* starters:

Despite having no expectations at all (come on, international horse show - seen already, fair - seen already, show acts - seen already....) it was one of the best horse events in a long time.

Access all areas - yay!

The timetables were full of international show jumping and dressage competitions as well as vaulting and driving. Due to being in several arenas, there was even more to watch: horse ball, Polo, classical dressage and western riding, ponies, dog agility... This made it so very special: there were lots and lots of things to see and discover and one of the coolest things I have ever seen (I have to admit, watching eight TOP Grand Prix dressage riders was one of my favourites, too ;) ) was the indoor cross country! All three arenas were part of this spectacle and it was really worth waiting until 10pm for it! The crowd was cheering, the moderators made a perfect job and together with some real good music it was a true goosebumps feeling. Look at the course map:


Unfortunately, I was not prepared that there would be so many things to take pics and videos of, so I was only using my mobile to snapshot some impressions I would like to share with you:

 Glock's Championship
Valentina Truppa's horse wearing a Santa's hat during price giving ceremony
World Class Vaulting
Preparing for indoor cross country
Impressive fences at the indoor cross country
Noriker Show Act

Noriker Show Act

Ukrainian Cossacks


Fair - lots of things to buy
Hafl's next truck?

With shows like this you can really see the difference between the disciplines: while during the dressage tests people were asked to stay seated, during the cross country it could not be loud and flashy enough - possibly one reason why dressage is not a magnet spectatorwise ;)

Show Jumping at it's best
Grand Prix Dressage, I can already image me in there ;)
Driving Challenge - what a fast one!
Definitely the highlight, the indoor cross!
Show act - look how calm they are - EVEN though they need to listen to THAT music :D

The Pappas Amadeus Horse Indoors will be, in 2015, Dressage World Cup station - so, make sure you be there in 2015!

To find out more, the event's website:

And here the official news channel:

Looking forward to PAHI 2014! And then, I will also buy something - not like this year - sorry Hafl :D

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