Proofs of Horse People's Craziness: Awkward Places for Horses in your Flat [2]

Horse people like me love to have their beloved ones all around them all day long. Still, I find myself having horse pics, statues or whatever horse related in very strange places all around in my apartment. Here is a Top 9 Strange Places for Horses in Your Flat list:

9: Hallway 1

Entering my flat you will immediately see a nice pic of Hafl and me and a drawing my little sister gave to me some years ago.

8: Hallway 2
More paintings from my sister given to me last year for my birthday and some real art from a local artist (that was drawn before I had my Hafl).

7: Hallway 3
Wall(s) of ribbons: where to put next year's ones?


6: Hallway 3 - 2
Wall of pictures: There can never be enough pictures of moments you want to remember... My mum once entered that room saying: Well, there is horse all around


5: Hallway 3 - 3
Right, I use bridle holders for medals - why not? :D See above, right and left of the door into the living room!

4: Living Room
Ok, the living room is still pretty horse free...


3: Kitchen
Everybody in Europe knows them: Ikea's wooden horses - in this case in subtle black:

2: Master Bedroom
Another wall of pics, another load of horse pics right opposite my bed...


1: Toilet

Jap, I have a horsey toilet design. Inspirational world class dressage horses and riders and even a simplistic dressage arena....

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