Viva Carlos Blog Hop Seven Deadly Sins

On the occasion of Fat Tuesday, another equestrian blogger started a blog hop on the seven sins of equestrians:

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
  1. I have a wonderful trainer with a long history of strong riding
  2. Unrelenting Will.
  3. Personally adaptable.
  4. Ramone has a pretty good brain in his head.
  5. I'm a planner and I'm making some plans.
  6. Awesome Barn/Horsey Friends -  Real Life and Blog :)
  7. A Love of learning
Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse

  1. Unlimited Showing Funds!
  2. More then one horse (though I totally get that that would require more money and time)
  3. Midnight Navy and Grey CO Helmet
  4. Oglivy half pad in my chosen colors
  5. A taller silhouette for extra more beautiful equitation
  6. People whose horses get to grow old with them
  7. All the Antares things
Seven things that make you angry

  1. When people don't follow the rules of the ring
  2. When people flout any barn rules in general and I follow them
  3. When I lose when I should have won
  4. When I've won when I should have lost
  5. When I can't fix my mistakes
  6. Getting stuck in traffic when I'm on my way to the barn
  7. Falling Off
Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on 

  1. Cuts and Scrapes I tend to ignore if they don't require a vet
  2. I do not clean my boots after every ride, not even once a week
  3. I don't let my Smartpak's autoship.. so then sometimes I run out boo.
  4. Ramone broke his leather halter last fall and I still haven't taken it in to be fixed
  5. I am too lazy to take pictures all the time
  6. I'm pretty sure I used to kite my horse checks, didn't realize that was thing though until last year
  7. I usually let my horse show dry cleaning pile up before I take it to the dry cleaners
Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
  1. My Saddle - Antares
  2. Ramone - initial expense was small, but ongoing expenses are the worst!
  3. My field boots - La Mundial
  4. My Helmet - Charles Owen AYR8
  5. Back on Track blanket
  6. Carlos' Radiographs - pretty darn expensive
  7. The last 15 years of riding lessons I guess
Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items
  1. Owning a horse that lives in the barn proper
  2. Having a close relationship with my Trainer
  3. Having dinner now and again with the Eventing Trainer
  4. Having a decent job so I can afford what I can when I can
  5. Riding
  6. Owning things other people also like
  7. Looking at my trophy case and seeing other people's reactions to it
Seven things you love about horses and riding

  1. The mental benefits
  2. The physical benefits
  3. The competition
  4. The friendships forged - both off and online
  5. The sense of self sufficiency 
  6. The smell of horses and leather
  7. The fashion

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