Go for a hack, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Well, you know I feel much more comfortable in a dressage arena. Sometimes, though, you need to go for a hack and enjoy the beautiful scenery – and hope that you survive in my case. Not that Hafl is that spooky but still, there is lots of danger out there. Wild animals. Trees. Mountain biker. Gallop tracks.

Oh well that scenery IS nice - Wörthersee, biggest lake in Carinthia

The last time I was able to ride before I got sick was Friday the week before past week. We decided to go for a hack in the nearby forest to do some strengthening training while riding uphill serpentines. The idea was good – but unfortunately, there were too many traces of last winter’s masses of snow: many trees were broken and lying directly in our way.

Ah, we can handle that! Let's go!

We tried to walk in hand to get by at least some of them but after surviving the first few obstacles, it only got worse and so we had to go back. Hopefully, they will put away the trees soon because this uphill track is simply perfect to work on extended trot and lengthening of strides as well as some extra muscle build up in canter.

Okay...as long as our horses are not super flexible - we are not gonna make it ;)
Anyway, today I was happy on my horse’s back again – in the arena. Beautiful. More to come.

Back in the saddle!

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