Is it a sea horse? Is it a mermaid? No, it's a Hafl!

Today we started pretty motivated with our daily dressage routine (and my newly discovered get your pelvis moving program) but as so many people were around training on our cross country trail, we decided to go outside, too after some rounds of trot and canter (I was watching my pelvis thoroughly - really!).

Thanks to the rainy days in the last few weeks, we were able to ride through the pond that is used as water jump in the course.

Trot on and let's go!

Needed to enlarge this - look at this trot please!

And what can I say? He loved it! He sped up and started to buck afterwards - thank God there is enough space to let him go so he was really enjoying it!


Nothing could stop us - except for the end of the field... (it is us between all the fences - far far away)
And eventually, we took the smallest jump on the course we could find - and: CLEAR! Eventing prospect Hafl :D

Shall we jump that fence?
YES WE CAN! (ok, it was rather a ground pole than a real fence but anyway)

I guess no matter what - this training was probably not the most useful for the show next week - but we had fun!

AND - we worked on our color blocking tan equestrian style:

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