Keep calm and get your hair done – Show styles 2014?

The most frightening thing about horse shows nowadays: Hafl’s hairstyle! You might not believe it how much effort it is to style that long and thick mane *sigh*. I actually tried every single type of braiding that is out there. And there are some good ones and some that went totally wrong.

Right now, Hafl’s mane is simply to long for standard dressage button braids.

Back then, winter 2012, when the mane was still short

We had them of course many times before, especially, when his mane was only about a hand long. Still, the buttons were huge due to the thickness of his mane and without sewing – no chance.

Button braids - Why not having them huge as tennis balls?!

When there was still motivation for accuracy

Keeping button braids clean during night

That is no alternative ----NANANANANANANA BATHAFL!

Then we tried running braids – in different ways – including sewing. They seemed to work out fine – until last weekend – it was a disaster, in the second test they were already way too loose.
Running braid - standard method

Running braid - "Upside Down" method including cable ties!

Running braids - almost on the side already, still upside down method

Running braids, one left, one right, sewn together in the middle
We even tried scallop button braids and they were the best thing ever! They look special and less familiar, at least I have never seen them before on a show in Austria. The trick here is that you connect a braid to the next button and sew them together. That hairstyle last forever! No chance that a single hair got loose. But the effort!

What an effort!!!

So, for the next two weeks I aim to find a new way of braiding that will last. What I will try to do next: single braids left and right that then are connected via a running braid, double sided running braids (not much hope on that one) and double side button braids – maybe the most promising but you do not want to know the effort I guess. Let’s see, some time to experiment left.

The aftermath!

That could be an alternative! Hippie style deluxe - not yet very common in the dressage ring ;)

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