Time for Spring Outfits - Breech Body over Beach Body

With April passing by quickly, it is time to think about what to wear when days are warm enough to leave pullovers and scarfs at home:

I love to wear polo shirts in spring/summer, though we than have the following problem:

I already got used to a tanned face and lower arms and upper arms and shoulders that are that pale - the only part of my body being paler are my legs - they are the worst! They haven't seen sun light for almost 20 years now. And even if I decide to let them see the sunshine - they do not get tanned anymore! I guess the lack of sun killed the little thingies in the skin that are responsible for a healthy-looking tan.

I do not care that much that my beach body is more a breech body:

But going to work in skirt or dresses (and I never wear anything else!) is a pain - you don't see in autumn or winter thanks to tights - but in spring and summer.

Hopefully, people do not look that closely and to be honest - I hardly go for a swim though we have beautiful lakes around (except for swimming with horses) - so almost nobody sees the truth. At least I try to groom Hafl in shorts in summer time - legs, may I introduce you to sunlight?! If it only helped...

Going for a swim in the nearby river

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