Training Diary: May 9 & May 10

What we worked on: Show movements and anti-show nerves training

That was very good: Our barn was hosting a 3-day event this weekend - so on Friday we had to ride in an arena crowded with others preparing their horses for dressage on Saturday. Thus, we had a lot of possibilities to simulate warm up arena feeling. I tried to concentrate and in the end realized that Hafl needs more canter in the warm up. On Saturday, we had a even worse situation as many people were sitting on the terrace opposite of the arena and watching while they were eating - I was the only one riding so I really had to fight my fear that people are watching and talking - in fact, they did not care! They had dinner! Except for the Slovenian lady who approached me afterwards to tell me that Hafl was the most beautiful and most neat Haflinger she has ever seen <3. Overall, movements went pretty good.

That was ok: There were issues in the counter canter and sometimes we let others disturb us too much (especially on Friday).

That was not ok: I had the feeling that I sometimes missed the moment to give him a break.

What we look at the next time: More canter in the warm up!

For the next training I will: Keep the rein contact, let the horse do the job!

What I discovered: After more canter, he felt way more subtle.

Conclusion: I realized that it is not HIM that is getting tired in the canter, it is me! I need to do something about it and do more canter work in the daily training. The more we cantered, the more comfortable it got. I sometimes even had a nice feeling of floating movements, easy and effortless. Will try to keep that feeling. Canter was not collected enough though but that was and is not the focus right now.

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