As seen through Hafl’s eyes: Happy Horsey Holidays

Carinthians love to go to upper Adriatic region for holidays. One of the tourist hot spots is Lignano, known for kilometers of golden beach - and the best thing is: between October and April you are allowed to ride there. As it is only a few hours drive from here, going for a beach ride was always on my wish list. Earlier this year, we eventually did it - but Hafl will tell you this time about this experience:

Some time ago we went abroad. Far far away. As I did not have my own mobile home back then, the other human (Chrissi) was taking me and my friend Wax along. They had plans for a XC training in Palmanova and afterwards they planned to go to Lignano - a trip to the beach - that is what I understood!

When we eventually arrived in Palmanova (hell yeah, I can read street signs), there were all these strangers – I could not even talk to them because they did not understand me! Weird dialect – where are you coming from, guys??? Wax was having his first XC training session that’s when my human and the others left me alone. ALONE! ALONE AMONG STRANGERS! Strangers who could not even talk properly! I was sad - so sad that I had to eat up all of my hay - all of my hay...

I was so happy when the returned! Human, feed me – that would make up at least a bit for what you have done to me! Everything was strange but you know, as good boy as I am I behaved. And did not let my human know that the strangers were simply – strange! 

Soon, my human wanted to go for a ride and I was happy for getting some movement although it was already getting dark. Thank God, I was allowed to return to my stalls pretty quickly – obviously, my human was not too happy about me having fun running.
Me looking good
After feeding us I was still trying to figure out what the strangers want from me. Our humans left - obviously, they have not booked full board such that they needed to go to Palmanova city centre to get some pizza (how can they eat that?!). Funny story I heard afterwards was that when they returned the barn doors were locked that is why they had to BREAK IN through one of the fences. Humans, you are doing it wrong! We do not break IN, we break OUT! That's what fences are here for!!! Well, I guess I cannot teach them...

Palmanova - no need for me to go there - no grass, no hay, only pizza

And the next strange thing: humans slept in my mobile home - BE MY GUEST!  What is wrong with you humans, why not getting your own stall? I did not care too much to be honest – after being fed, I was simply tired. Still wondering what the strangers were talking about….where they laughing about my big butt? Hope not.

Comfy?! I doubt that....

The next day, Wax was having another XC training session and I was allowed to come along – on the lead rope though - WOULD I EVER JUMP THAT? NOT IN A BILLION OF YEARS. But: What a nice walk! A bit boring the whole story but there was green grass – hey human, let’s stay here, at home there was no grass back then! I was happy that I did not have to jump these fences, poor Wax – I feel so sorry for you.

After that, we packed – too bad, I was trying to make friends with the strangers and trying to learn their language already. So we left Palmanova and headed further South – human, where are we going? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?
That is what I think of packing stuff
Last picture in Palmanova

Several years later we arrived at another barn. More strangers!!! And again, impolite as they are, they did not even try to understand us. 

Home of the next strangers

Anyway, I was already looking for a nice place to graze but then my human brought my saddle – SIGH – work! HUMAN, serious? So off we go, a looooong walk in hand through the streets of Lignano (still surprised that I can read huh?!). 

I am a wanderer...

Stop MEANS stop!

Wait, what is there at the end of the horizon!?!?!?

After years (did I turned older on that trip???) we arrived at the BIGGEST arena I have ever seen! GOOD GOD HUMAN! Hope you don’t ask for diagonals in extended trot!!! 

A small step for my me, a huge step for my human

Wait! Where is the fence????
What scared me even more was this huge water. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love water – to drink! But not when it touches my HOOF! My human tried to convince me to step into that water – if it was that funny why not going yourself, human? 

Alright human, until here but not FURTHER!

Do I look like I was convinced???

Wax was already running through that water – Wax, seriously? What the heck are you doing??? In the end, my human decided to swing herself into the saddle and RIDE me through that water! EWWWW that was cold –and WET! Disgusting! 


I guess there is no turning back, huh?!

But hey, then I realized that this arena was pretty cool as my human did not ask for dressage movements but simply let me canter – and I was fast! OMG I was faster than the water! And the wind! And Wax! Oh yes – aero dynamical! That was fun!

Where is the camera?!

I was so sad when we left – that was so much fun! It was that much fun that I got rid of my lead rope during the travel home – human, just to let you know, it was simply courtesy that I did not turn round, jump out of the trailer and got back to the coolest arena ever – even if there was water – lots of water!

I don't want to leave!!!
Holiday over already???? 
Kisses for my human
Good bye, huge arena and huge water

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