Mission (Im)Possible Week I – Is Gone

This is the beginning of a new series: I give ourselves a five weeks show break and use the time to get in shape – and ready for the next level. Sounds like a plan, huh?! Feels like a pain in the you know where...

What will be done in these five weeks?

Me: For me the training will be much harder than for Hafl. I have weekly massages in order to get my lower back supple, I go to back training gym classes at work for half an hour on Tuesday and Thursday each, I do exercises at home every evening (that is the WORST part of the plan!). Further, I will have at least once a short session on the magnetic therapy field. When there is time in the evening, it will be spent on some more mental training: I start off with giving each and every movement a picture that I could use as anchor during my ride – will tell you more about that soon.

The exercises at home are mainly core muscle training exercises (abs and back) and stretching (inner thighs, hips area). I also incorporate Cantienica exercises.

Hafl: He will have to face more canter work – we were improving a lot during the last two weeks as I eventually found a pretty good balance in seat – so within the next five weeks I expect an even bigger jump forward – literally! But he is not the one with the problems so the main concentration will be on me. I will anyway participate in a seminar for physiotherapy for horses beginning of July – so he will probably also benefit from that!

In week 1, we already discovered during my massage on Tuesday that my musculus erector spinae is barely trained in my lower back area – that is why I put some more exercises on that issue in my daily training plan.

Really, it is not a fun stuff to do but I want to see how much you can change in a pretty short period...way to go!

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