Sing when you're winning, smile when you're riding!

Sing when you’re winning was Robbie Williams’ third album which contained, back then, tons of good songs – I almost loved all of them. But before singing when you’re winning, let’s try to do some smiling when you’re riding!

While smiling the chance of being tense is pretty low and smiling in the ring can help you to kick start a good test. I try to smile while I am passing by the judges (do they recognize that?!) and I smile during the salutes. 

What I can hardly ever do is smiling when I am riding the movements – but that would help, too. Relaxing yourself while you are in the ring will also relax your horse and what more, it looks more beautiful than a face filled with pain, fear or whatever feeling (there should never be anger in the ring) you have – at least, when you are not Sheldon Cooper:

And that is what I looked like on Friday - detailed report will follow:

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