Mission (Im)Possible - Twenty FOUR Seven...

Week 4 of our mission (im)possible was dedicated to the lateral movements. We knew we still had issues especially with the haunches in on the right hand as well as the half passes (all in trot). In walk, there was no big deal but trot…. In this week, we made some good progress on that!

For me, having a massage and being told that my lower back was never that good before! I was soooo happy! Obviously, working so much on my core shows already first results – so no matter what the result of our mission will be In the end – it definitely helped my lower back – just need to make sure that I keep the level of motivation to do the core muscles exercises also after this challenge. Even my boyfriend realized that on the horse my back is less hollow.

For the last week, we will try to keep the level of suppleness, no new movements of course but also not too much of repetition. The weekend will be a long one anyway so I need to keep him fit and not too tired during the week.

Only one week to go - keep calm and half halt ;)

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