Mission (Im)Possible - Week 2&3: Almost Halfway Through

Week 2 of our mission was rather bad - too much rain and thunderstorms kept us from working properly, I only sat on the horse for 3 days. It was a bit of a throwback as I am still fearing that when I do not train enough, I will not make it. But Hafl was doing great he was having no issues at all. The week was still focused on canter work and counter canter - and I gain more and more confidence in this movement. We are now even capable of riding two rounds around the school in counter canter in a pretty steady rhythm - on the right hand having a bit more difficulties than on the left.

I also lunged him once in the pouring rain - you can guess what his face looked like, he was not that amused.

Week 3 was way better, we had more chances to train and it was pretty good this week (gaining even more confidence).

We even started a new fitness activity: doing the hula hoop! A perfect exercise do strengthen your core. We are now working for 10mins daily - enough to start sweating I can tell ;)

The awkward looking person in the back -that is me!

Thank God I am already feeling bad when not doing my exercises in the evening such that I am really doing some days more some days less of them at least. That is the point when training starts to make sense - when you already feel forced to do it - at least that is what I needed for the core training!

No massage in week 3 for me, only one in week 2. But yesterday we attended a course on horse physiotherapy and learned stretching exercises for the horse - which we already tried out yesterday and the horses liked it - more on this coming soon.

We have two weeks to go and I really confident no matter what the end of this experiment will show - it was worth it - at least for making me do my crunches and co.

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