As seen through Hafl's eyes: What are you up to with my human?

YOU! Yes, YOU! What are you doing here? Treats? No way, man, you cannot buy me…

Several months ago my human started to bring another human along – he is TALL – scary guy! At first, the other human was here only a few times, but lately he comes more and more frequent. I am not good at sharing – ask the other guys in the field – I do not think it is a lot of fun to share food and such. And I definitely need ALL the attention (AND TREATS!!!) my human could give me.

So, this other human is here and does not seem to want to leave. I have tried to ignore him – it lasted 23 seconds, then he pulled a treat out of his pocket (wish I could wear these things were they always get the treats out of!!!) – I mean honestly, how wrong can somebody be that brings you treats???

And it does not took me to long to train him! Actually, he is a good student! I give him the look – he gives me treats. He enjoys me following him around, so I do it, he gives me treats. I stomp my feat, he gives me treats, I make my smiley face, he gives me treats, I nod my head, he gives me treats, I show the Spanish walk (damn, what are you up to, human, do you want me to work for circus?!), he gives me treats. I even managed to make HIM run..but he does NOT get treats, I mean, WHO AM I?

Me walking the other human
Yes, at first I thought I would now get less treats (as my human might give him half of mine – who knows) but it turns out that he has another source of treats! So, I get the one from my human AND ADDITIONALLY his! And as I've already said, he was way easier to train (my human can be strict sometimes – the other human cannot).

I have no clue why my human keeps both of us (wasn't it enough to have ME???), but as long as he is not getting my treats I am fine with him. I even have plans with him – depending on how fast he learns, the result will be more treats for me. And everybody will be that happy!

Other human, I like you as long as you do not eat my treats!

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