Show Report Part 7 - Horse Shows at Tiffany's

Between the show in Zeltweg and the overwhelming results there and the show at Tiffany’s (ha ha!), there were exactly five weeks. These five weeks were marked in this blog as: Mission (Im)Possible as I started considering after Zeltweg results to move one level up and try to show in the next higher (Austrian!) level at the regional Haflinger championships in Carinthia at Tiffany’s mid of July.

The preparation and all the ambitions paid off when we were really placed in this level on the second day (read also here:!!! But one after the other:

On Saturday, we started in a first level as the first part of the so called Haflinger Cup (comprising of 4 possible entries, 3 counted). We won with 6.6 out of three Haflingers, blue ribbon, well done. Judges said that I need to focus on bending, that transitions need some improvement too. Again, extensions in trot were more like hurrying, canter good some good remarks (bouncy!).

Second entry of the day was the so called LM level (meaning a step between 2nd and 3rd level 2). We made several mistakes but still were not placed last with 59.58%. I cried after the salute as I was so happy to have survived this experiment! In the LM level you need to show lateral movements in trot on top of second level requirements. Highlights: 7s for the canter and half walk pirouettes, lowlights: 4s for some problems at E (why the hell needed that guy to walk around the judges desk and scare Hafl? From that moment in the first test on wards, Hafl avoided to come close enough to E). Due to that, all the movements around E were around 5 - too bad! But still: how can you not be happy after such great result! Even the judge at E realized that and wrote a comment on my protocol: what a pity!

NO one, the least ME, would have believed what happened the day after: on Sunday, we started in second level, were placed 3rd out of 7 with a mark of 63,03%. That was gorgeous! How could this happen despite having huge mistakes like flying changes (wheeeee) and almost no collection in canter (left alone counter canter?) - I DO NOT CARE :D we got another ribbon and after the price giving I had 10mins only to prepare for the second test, second part of the regional Haflinger Championship, LM level. Some 7s, some 6.5s, but also some lowlight 4s in the counter canter (if there had been any at all?!). Comments said we needed to increase the level of collection.

Having already a bad feeling after the second level test (which turned out to be false!), I entered at A….I rode the most out of this little Haflinger and left the ring with a huge smile. No matter what the marks would be for this test, I'd be happy anyway. He was such a good boy! So, waiting for the results took ages – and then they said something, I could not believe it, had to ask again and again but HEY – YES we got 63.73%!!! And were placed 3rd out of 5! In our second LM test ever – receiving a ribbon! I think from that point on wards, I did not close my mouth again! Of course, we had no chance whatsoever in the regionals, but bringing home a ribbon in that level meant so much more to me! I was happy, and so was my boy! There are SOOO many 7s in the marks sheet, no 4s, the worst being a 5.5. I can still not believe it! That result was so overwhelming, every muscle was aching, my hands had blisters, my heels too, I did not care. This show taught me that with enough willpower you can reach any goal - you just need to believe in yourself! WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT!

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