[Throwback Thursday]: Show Season Almost Over (August 2013)

Last year this time I was already waiting for my last shows to come (show season did somehow last longer than I thought back then) and I was still dreaming of reaching my goals:

Coming from there, this year was already from the beginning completely different. We had definite plans of what to achieve when, most of the doubt was gone and more confidence was at our side. Plans did even work out pretty well so far and looking back to last year, I can see a huge improvement: not only from the level we ride, also from our mental state. We seem to be more grown up. Sigh, it seems we are getting old – in German we have the expression “Alter Hase” (old stager) when somebody has been doing something for a long time (like being on stage in show biz). “Alter Hase” literally means old bunny – Hafl is not really an old bunny but he is now leaving puberty – on his way to a grown up in the horse show world.

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