Being A Testimonial

Whenever I go for grocery shopping (which most of the time also includes the one or other thing for Hafl), I wonder how much waste we produce with all the packaging. Mostly plastic, hardly ever paper or glass.

Hafl does not care how the apples and treats are delivered as long as they come in fast! So the less packaging the better – that is not also true for a HANGRY horse but also for us. 

That is why Hafl and I are testimonials for a new sustainable shop concept called holis where they try to reduce waste to an absolute minimum. For example, you bring your own boxes and fill in only the amount you need – perfect for people like me who have problems eating up family packages before they “expire” – of course, that would never ever happen to Hafl’s treats, apples or whatever he loves to eat. What's more, they have an innovative delivery service and nutritionists working in the team.

Proud that we are now listed on the webpage of this brilliant idea – see their webpage and a short bio on us here:

Are there similar approaches where you live? 

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