Show Report Part 9&10&11: Same time, same station, Mr Moneyponey

In August and September, we went to three shows which where at the same venue, one that I have been to already in May (see: ). The venue is close to my parents' such that we can stay there and Hafl a few houses away at a neighboring farm.

Mid of August, just before entering

As you might remember (at least I do!), that show back in May was the absolute low light of this season so far, so the pressure for at least the first show was super high. I was really afraid of failing again. Indeed, when reading the protocols, one might think that the first show in early August was a disaster. It really read terribly. But actually, the tests were super good. The same with the second show only two weeks later, where you would also get a complete wrong impression from just reading the protocols. So what is going on? I think we now made it to the next level, away from comments like: "awww he is so cute" to real constructive but also straight criticism. It seems that we are now grown ups in the show biz, able to stand critique! Because in many of the previous protocol you would not read comments like this (though the marks had been way lower) – and of course, I am comparing apples to apples.

I think it is a good sign when the style of critique changes. It seems that they realize the progress and keep helping us with constructive comments rather that saying how cute we are (which we indeed still ARE, but no need to further mention this! ;) )

The third show in this series was again in rain, which makes me worry at least at the first day. Thus, I did not ride. Well, I entered at A but was so focused on not riding such that we would not slip which resulted in super bad marks - actually, Hafl had no issue with the footing, it was just me. As my boyfriend could not make it, I was more or less alone except for Sunday when two barn mates came to kick my butt - and it worked! Marks were not superduper but better than the day before. 

And here are the comments in detail:

Show No. 9, early August, one day:

First, there was a first level test. We got several 7s, especially for serpentines, canter, lengthening of the neck in trot. Worst mark was a 6 for rein back and trot extensions as well as the walk. We finished second out of 5, with 65.797%, the best having 66,304% and place 5 having 61.159%. Best thing about that test was that we got a voucher for a spa treatment as a prize! Well done, Hafl!

Second, there was a FEI second level test. Lots of 7s (or 6,5s) for leg yield and canter (hello?! what is wrong with my perception of canter?! It cannot be that bad, huh?), worst mark again a 6 for trot extensions, transitions and walk (damn it - we could do way better!). We finished last with a 63.046%, the winner having a 73.506% but you know what? I did not care as this was a mixed group and most of the others were having higher licences than me. What's more, only aim for this season was to earn 8 results in second level above 62% such that I would get my next license - and with this result, we are counting...

The wellness voucher - well done, Hafl!

Show No. 10, mid of August, 2-days

This show was special as it was the first two day show were we only rode second level (you know, we need the points!). Reading the protocols will make you worry but in fact we got a 6.5 (3rd, best: 6.8, worst 5.5), a 5.2 (ok, not every ride is the same, 6.2 (5th, best 6.7, worst 5.4) and 6.4 (won). I was just happy! Comments said that the canter was the problem...ok, we knew that, didn't we?!

Hugs for the poney

Show No. 11, beginning of September, 2 days

This show was a look alike of the last one. We rode exactly the same tests, though results were pretty different: Saturday was a disaster (as said before), we got only 5.6 and 5.5 - successfully last in both classes - again, complaints about the canter... after the show, I met one of my former friends from my times as a kid at the barn close to my home back then. She, being a GP rider herself, said that she saw me in the warm up and without seeing me in the ring, she exactly knew what the judges said. She gave me the advice to ride Hafl differently in the canter - hunter seat, neck lower for the warm up and start, not trying to compress him to much straight from the beginning. On Sunday, I tried to do so and at least we succeeded a bit: 6.2 and 6.0, 4th (best 7.0, worst 6,0) and last (best 7.3). Again, canter was not the highlight BUT the feeling changed! I all of a sudden had the feeling that I got it! I got it how to sit and move and give the aids - it should reveal later that I was right....Anyhow, the most important thing of this weekend was that we rode - no matter with which result. Why? Because the last two shows and the one in May were part of a trophy and you needed to enter 5 out of 6 classes to be ranked. And guess what? We started at the very end of the ranking - but on this Sunday we do get the winner's blanket AND money! Yes, we were the ONLY ones finishing this trophy! So, since then Hafl is called Mr Moneyponey! And it was a nice sum - I spent it already, today the huge parcel from the tack shop arrived and we are both happy with the pickings!

Yay the blanket <3 Matches my CI!

All in all these shows were a success and we learned so much!

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