Showcation, Horsecation and Eventually: Vacation!

Planning my show season is fun. I love checking online the announcement of the shows coming up next year and by November my planning is normally more or less done. Where other people plan their vacation, I plan my showcation. What's more, the last two years there were no horse-free vacations - I stayed in Denmark and in the Netherlands as working student at gorgeous international dressage barns.

This year was different. The two week summer vacation was not a showcation or a horsecation - it was really intended as vacation. And you know what? It also felt great. Sure, I was missing Hafl, but not having to head to the barn and torturing yourself because you are still not able to canter but swimming in the pool, seeing new exciting places and enjoying good Italian food is also something worth to consider. I split my vacation in two parts, on 3-days stay in Italy and a 4-day stay in France with a few days at home in between. Verona and Paris - such great places to visit! And Disneyland! Awwwww!!! No need to explain what you see in the following pictures, huh?!

I think it is good to have some days off. Especially when you are as focused as I am (dammit, sometimes I treat my show schedule as the most important thing in my life!). And now, being back a few days, Hafl is happy to see me (and the treats) again every day  - and: we are back to blogging!

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