Happy Hallo-Hafl-Ween!

Halloween was not really popular in Austria when I was a kid. Nowadays, it is even more and more common, there are Halloween parties tonight, there are even kids coming and asking for treats (do not get me wrong, the only one allowed to ask for treats is my four-legged boy).

Once, I just moved back to Carinthia from Vienna, I was laying in my bath tub with a facial mask on, when the doorbell rang. I jumped out of the water because it was already dark outside and I was wondering who the hell wants something from me. I made a quick turban to tame my wet hair and wrapped myself into the towel, rushing trough the door, tear it open, standing there with my green mask and the towels and seeing this little baby boy and his father standing there, mouth wide open - not even daring anymore to ask for treats...I NEVER saw a kid knocking on my door again...

So my experiences with Halloween are not that many, nevertheless, dressing up in costumes could be fun! 

Last year we dressed up for a music freestyle - the lion sleeps tonight ....

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