Happy Thanksgiving! Top 5 Horsey Moments 2014 I Am Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! After last year's Top 5, today again it is time to say what I am thankful for in 2014 (see here: http://www.dressagehafl.com/2013/11/top-5-horsey-moments-2013.html).

This year was again a great year so far with tons of good (horsey) moments. I tried to find at least five moments that were outstanding (in a random order!):

1. Enjoying a Beach Ride

That item has been on my bucket list forever and eventually, this year in March we could enjoy the breeze and the wet sand underneath our hooves and feet! It was such an extraordinary moment that I can hardly tell what it felt like to gallop through the waves. There are several blog posts on this event as well;

Make sure that you have seen the video in the last link! I just love it!

2. Realizing that you have the best Barn Mates

What would I be without my barn mates aka THE OTHERS? They are such an important part of my (show) life as the help, cheer, console, scream at us..whatever is needed to make our world better again! Those guys were also a big part of most of the best moments in this year (so far - yet the best to come!). Ladies and Gents, you are awesome!!! I also wrote a blog post about them:

3. Being Happy About My Equipment Manager

He is definitely one that developed the most over the year - my boyfriend aka our equipment manager. Meeting him in November last year, he had no clue about horses, saddles, bridles, dressage tests. This year, almost every other weekend he was with us at the shows being such a valuable part of the team, learning so fast and doing his best - despite me being a dragon from time to time. He got his own blog post as well:

4. Getting to know other bloggers and even meeting them in person

That was an exciting year also in this social aspect! I wrote several guest blogs and got some great guest blogs back as well. In August, I even met one of my fellow bloggers (Jen - mum of lovely Paddy) from the US in person! How exciting! All that would not have been possible without my blog.

5. The moment I looked at our accomplishments in 2014

Last Saturday, we went out to celebrate our achievements. Just before that I wanted to send a Facebook post and I prepared a special arrangement for a picture that captured all of the show experience in 2014. What can I say? I could have been worse...

These are some of the things, some of the moments and some of the people I am thankful for - not only on Thanksgiving though!

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