Show Report - Part 14: Home, sweet home

The second last show of this season took place early October at our barn. It was a one day only event and after the last (horrible) show, I was not much looking forward to it! It was also part of the Carinthian Haflinger Cup Series. The first part took place earlier in July this year and I won the first part, did not take part in the second. So the last two first level test would be crucial as you needed 3 out of 4 for a ranking. There were three other participants, me being placed third after the first two tests.

So this Sunday began with a first level and a 7.0 for us! We won! I could hardly believe that with this result we were approaching the first place in the series. The second test, yet another first level, was even better: 7.1. Unfortunately, another participant got a 7.5 but in the end, we won the whole series! Whoohooo another winner's blanket. The last entry was a LM test (remember, between second and third level) and we completely messed that one up - below 5 only! But anyway, we had won the series and that was all we were asking for.

Though I had not really a good feeling through the tests, jugdes liked us on this particular day and I gained some self-confidence for the last show of the season. Mainly, the extensions were not that good and especially in the first test, Hafl was a bit rushed. Positive were active haunches, extended canter, and that he starts to trot spontaneously after walk. In the last test, there was almost nothing shiny, especially the lateral movements which he is pretty good at at home were a desaster.

There was a lot of nice pictures taken at this show:

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