Show Report Part 13: Let the roller coaster ride begin...

Remember the good results just happening just a show ago? Well, on that Friday, end of September, show life roller coaster started again (I can tell now with all shows finished - more on that later).

I had a good feeling driving once again to Styria, yet another 120kms drive northeast. Weather was ok, my mood was good. Arriving at the venue already started with us not finding the parking lot (we obviously came from the wrong side where there we no directions). Anyway, after being sent away from a spot where I thought I could park, we eventually got our tacking finished and headed for the warm up. Unfortunately, the footing was very heavy due to heavy rain but I was pretty sure the ring should be better. Indeed, the footing there was great. So we entered our first test - and failed. We entered the second test - and failed again. That was really bad, but what happened?

Actually, I guess this specific judge and I, we are not best friends (sure one of them is not, the other one is supposed to be not which will reveal at our final show - but one at a time). Despite me having a good feeling in the warm up, something went wrong in the ring. Not that I could feel it but according to the judges, we were simply not performing well.

The first test was a first level so many times ridden test that I actually felt pretty comfortable with. The final remark of the judges said that I need to be more correct when riding figures and need to work on the extensions - fair enough. Hurrying, crookedness, not clear where the comments you could find with any movement. So we finished with a 6.2, being second last (first got a 7.8, last a 6.0). I was still in a good mood for the second level test following shortly after, but that was even worse. Again, transitions were the problem, as well as extensions (time for something new, huh?!), and actually the final remark said that the whole test was not really at the needed level for this class. So we finished with a 5.8, placed last out of 4 with the fist having a 6.8.

I was really disappointed because I chose to ride this show as I needed to get some better results for the final "Dressurtour" ranking, a show series in Styria where the best 30 in the first and second level combined will get some money - other levels are awarded as well but that didn't count for me as I was just riding first and second level this year. So whoever rode enough shows in Styria, was in that ranking and I was already among the Top 30 but wanted to improve a little. At least with these results we improved a tiny little bit and were in the end placed 27th in the overall ranking. Hafl was thus earning money again which we will receive later this week during a nice celebration where all winners will be awarded. I am looking forward to that though I know we could have made it into the Top 20 as well...

"That show was a mess"

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