Top 5 Tuesday: Desert Island - Dressage Hafl Edition

Hafl and me cantering on the beach of our desert (dream) island...where we are stranded...alone....yay!

Stranded on a desert island?! What would be the Top 5 that you would take along? Mind that you have your horse with you already and essentials like water and food are there (in my case, I assume chocolate as well) - come on, it is a desert but nonetheless dream island! I would take the following things (not in a priority order)

1. An indoor arena

A dream island does not mean that there need to be always dream weather! Rain from time to time is a MUST - how would else Hafl's grass and hay grow?! Maybe that came to my mind first as it is pretty cold outside right now and we have first snow here...

Uhm..ja, why not?!

2. Matching saddle pad and polos (and my outfit)

But which one to choose when you can take only one?! Navy maybe! Referring back to one of the dressage divas dilemmas...

3. My barn mates and their horses

Well, if you fold them often enough they would fit into my luggage I guess. Without them, it would be terribly boring.

Should take the cake along as well...

4. My camera

Being on a beautiful island, riding all day, nobody would believe it without pictures! That's why we need to take the camera!

Taking indoor arena shadow selfies....
5. My laptop

As riding alone would not fill my whole day, I could do some more blogging - and sharing pictures and stories of us on the island!

Need to revise my blogger layout in 2015 anyway...

It was pretty difficult to find a Top 5, I guess I could live with riding on the beach all day long as well...

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