Home Is...

...where the rain is - and no 20x40 indoor. Meaning, yes, it is muddy right now in the outdoor arena!

Hafl finished his training stay on Saturday and after being lightly lunged only yesterday, I wanted to go for our first ride today. Of course, it had to rain cats and dogs during the day and I was expecting the worst. Thank God, after getting changed in the car it stop raining and after tacking up I decided to give the outdoor a chance. One month of not needing to care about weather conditions went way to fast and right away I got a friendly reminder of what riding in the mud means:

What color is this horse?!
The stirrups! The girth! The saddle! 

Boots and tail were white before!

February was a great month with so many learnings - we can only hope that WHOEVER controls the weather gives us a chance in the coming few weeks as show season is approaching quickly now. Right at the end of this month we will be riding our first tests and we are of course excited already. Reminds me that I start to train again - not the horseback riding part, but the mental part - the book on mental training for riders already on my nightstand.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to ride several times a week with a trainer anymore but we try to keep up a certain training routine with my trainer - as far as the weather allows of course. Further, I started the Happy Horse Training Audio Ride Course. Only after the first few sessions, I am already enthusiastic about it. I will post more on this audio guide tomorrow.

Enjoying the last time running around in the indoor arena

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