Signs that you are in love with your horse

1. Your horse comes first. Always. No doubt about it.
2. You kiss your horse more often than anything/anyone else.
3. People can say bad things about you - but never about your horse.
4. Your horse has more clothes than you have.

5. You care more about your horses health than your own.
6. You find it difficult to make time for "real" friends.

7. Your postings always contain horses. On Facebook. On Twitter. On Pinterest. Everywhere.
8. You would call your horse when you feel sad. Or for whatever reason. If he only could pick up the phone.
9. You do not need medication. Your horse is remedy enough. Barn time is quality time.

10. Riding your horse can make up for anything. Really anything.

11. Your mum considers your horse her grandchild. She officially has given up on you.
12. You could use all your money on your horse. Wait, you are doing it already!
13. You know numbers of vet, saddle fitter, physio by heart - you cannot remember your boyfriend's mobile phone number.

14. Your horse's diet is based on research and science, your diet is based on budget and time left besides the barn.

15. You have friends. At the barn. Only. That's ok, nobody else wants to be your friend anyway. They just don't understand...
16. No matter what, your horse is the best-

17. You talk about your horse. Always. Even if nobody asked you.
18. You think about your horse. All the time. During day and night.
19. You are sure: Horse lovers are stable people.

20. Last but not least: who can say that he is in a stable relationship?!

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