H1/2015 Goals Review and Outlook

How did that happen? Time flies!!! It is already July, meaning, we need a H1/2015 review. Here is what we declared earlier this year as our goals (full post here):

Show Number 1 in March this year
10. Gain further 3 LM results above 62%.
After three shows with sort of continuous improvement and some near misses, we have now a second result above 62%. Way to go, Hafl, we have still two to earn.

9. Achieve (in total) 4x 58% or more in the Alps Adriatic Dressage Trophy Qualifier. Two results are needed to go to Lipica, Slovenia, 4 results are necessary for going to the finals.

Yes, we succeeded for the first part of it. At the first show in March, we got the necessary results. However, Lipica show was cancelled then. There will be a substitute show taking place at our new barn (yes, that changed as well) end of July/beginning of August.

8. LM level freestyle/costume.

As already posted, we are working on it. It even seems like we will be able to dress up as lion again for a show act to celebrate a 30 years riding club anniversary.

7. Regional Haflinger Championship in July

A bit more than two weeks to go, Ladies and Gentlemen, keep your fingers crossed.

6. Austrian Haflinger Championship in August
I am not sure whether we will be on one of the Carinthian teams but nonetheless, we keep on working to qualify for these championships.

5. Participation in the Styrian Dressurtour in LM/LP level

We have now 3 out of the necessary 8 results to be considered in the ranking. We could come up with up to 14 results, that is why we will be keeping that in mind during the second half of the year show planning.
4. Improvement in the Austrian Dressage Ranking.
Hell yeah, we are on track with that as well!

3. Attend some clinics i.e. double lunging in April / keep on working with new training approaches
Done in H1/2015, nothing planned so far for H2/2015. Another double lunging clinic will take place later in October.

2. Work on the next level movements.
Trot improved tremendously and with that, also movements like half pass. Canter stays to be our.... but we have time for the next few months to further improve before starting winter work and the work on flying changes.

1. Stay healthy!
I can hardly believe but changing to the new barn improved Hafl's health so much that he even got rid of some of his sarcoids.

I also intended to increase my personal fitness but I have to admit, I have not done too much for that so far. There are tons of things I could do but somehow, it hasn't worked out yet. We need to keep an eye on that for sure.

H2/2015 leaves plenty of opportunities and I am really looking forward to it!

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