Team Dressage Hafl on the way back from Aachen - Part 4: Landgraaf, Cologne, Back Home

Last picture Aachen
The last night after the most exciting day of the week we spent in Landgraaf, the Netherlands, only 20 minutes North of Aachen. We slept in a beautiful country house and enjoyed a great breakfast on Monday morning before strolling around the country side and the city center of Landgraaf (which is tiny tiny but enough for some grocery shopping). 

Such a nice house!

Beautiful terrace

Could imagine my horses here...

Landgraaf has one of the Netherland's highest mountains (MOUNTAINS! If you're coming from the Alps, the sea level of your home town might be twice as high as the mountain there!) - exactly the 5th highest mountain with 250m above sea level (the mountains around me right now are way above 2,000m high). There are "Rocky Balboa" stairs onto the top - and SURE, we needed to take all these 500 to get the view from up above - these 500 steps are the reason for my lower thigh muscles still being sore - ouch!
Here is the mountain!

I look tiny halfway up the mountain

Rocky pose 1

Rocky Pose 2

Right next to the mountain there is an INDOOR skiing (!) arena - WHAT THE HELL??? 

The indoor skiing arena

And even more funny, there was tons of people! See the picture of the fully equipped family on their way to some skiing fun in mid August....
Look at the family - and me in short sleeves

Of course, there were also barns and horses in Landgraaf:

Barn 1

Barn 2
We left Landgraaf in the afternoon and headed direction Cologne, about an hour drive. I had booked a hotel close to the Messe Köln which is only 15mins drive from the airport. There, we tried to get all the things back into the suitcases (I bought a saddle pad that still needed to fit in!) and did nothing more than eating our Dutch was raining cats and dogs so our motivation to go outside and see Cologne was simply not there.
Ok, that was supposed to be a pic of the dome - you can only see the horse I guess
Packing ALL that stuff into that tiny suitcase
On Tuesday, 4 in the morning we got up to get the early bird back to Klagenfurt. What a trip, what an experience! Happy to have seen all that and happy to be back - Hafl definitely missed me I guess!

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