We Are Going To AACHEN!

AAAAAAND it's Thursday!!!! Right before FRIDAY! But it is not a normal, standard, yet another Friday, no, it is the Friday we will fly out to Cologne, Germany. Wow, you might think. And: why should THAT be of interest?

Packing list madness
Well, Cologne is the closest airport for me to reach AACHEN! Does that ring a bell?! AACHEN! Where the elite of equestrian sports competes! And this time, they meet for a good reason! IT IS EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS time! Guess who is going to see the grand finale - the kur on Sunday? Exactly, me! WHOO HOOO! Can you imagine seeing your favourite dressage riders competing in an arena that holds 45,000 people? Can you imagine the atmosphere? I cannot - yet. But I will see it, I will feel it - soon.

THE TICKETS to happiness

I am still going through my packing list, we fly out tomorrow noon. The cabin luggage cannot be heavier than 8 kilos, so smart packing is a must! I only took the most necessary (the new team outfit for Sunday of course, too): 2 pair of jeans, a skirt, 3 dresses, some shirts and polo shirts. A second pair of shoes. And I bought new shoes - not too smart to have never worn them before so I keep running around wearing them now. 

The forecast says it is going to be somewhat between cloudy and rain, so an extra rain protection needs to be in the suitcase as well. The toiletry reduced to a minimum, I am not going to the outbacks so everything can be bought there in case. Then a spork! A tool that is a knife, a spoon and a fork at once - and a foldable water bottle. You never know... And then, a seat cushion, foldable as well. Those plastic seats are not really comfy, what do you think?

The bottle and the sporks

For my clothes, I have all these small net bags that keep the suitcase tidy - especially, when you plan to sleep every night in a different hotel. There is one bag per day, one for cables, one for jewelry, one for shoes.

Bag in the suitcase concept

And then you need a huge handbag. HUGE! All my personal things, liquid toiletry and laptop need to fit in. There need to be zippers that you do not unintentionally loose things. In my handbag, I also put the "yellow thing": it is kind of case with lots of departments where you can put all the papers like reservations, tickets etc. 

The yellow thing

I will also bring my GoPro like camera and my mobiles for taking pictures and videos. Oh my God, I am so excited.
For all of you who have to stay at home, live results (incl. mark sheets) can be found here:

More information on Aachen can be found here:

There is a livestream on FEI TV, which is not for free, the only free one is only available in Germany via www.clipmyhorse.com. At least some videos can be found here: http://www.sportschau.de/reitem2015/videos/index.html

And finally, here the list of the EM shown on German television:

The newly printed team outfits

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