Comments Scribes Did (NOT) Write

Ever wondered about judge's comments on your marks sheet? Me too! Sometimes it feels that they try to be polite, sometimes you simply wonder what they meant. So let's have a look at comments scribes DID write (originally found here):

And pay for great judge's comments!

14. This horse is not suited for Dressage.
13. Horse and rider doing a different test today?
12. Your horse has a nice tail.
11. Explosive.
10. Flying change halt – new movement?
9. Well the rider did the flying changes.
8. That’s the biggest 10 metre circle I’ve ever seen.
7. Exciting moments.
6. Sadly outgrown.
5.Tactfully ridden
4. Perhaps you should try to lunge your horse prior to showing.
3. Slightly wild.
2. Rider tired, horse not so much
1. Airs above ground is not required at this level.”
Sounds familiar? Here are Hafl and mine top comments:

15. 10 meter cirlce: unbelievable big! - I mean how big can a 10m cirlce be???
14. Working canter: storming! - There was a misunderstanding - no need to be the fastest in dressage!
13. Very beautiful Haflinger! Work on a bit more control over him! - A bit more control? Did it look out of control?
12. Engaged rider - That is like: well, she tried, she tried hard, but she did not succeed.
11. Willing horse/rider - Willing to graze in the pasture?
10. More courage in the extensions! - But then, we are back to storming!
9. Rider's seat must urgently be improved! - Urgently??? Like IMMEDIATELY???
8. Horse mostly determines rhythm and contact - Who is the boss?!
7. Pleasing DRESSAGE HAFLINGER with active gaits (that was being said in 2013 already!!!)
6. Handsome DRESSAGE HAFLINGER that needs to be better accustomed to the rider's aids
5. Sweet Hafi - We read that hundreds of times - mostly when the rest of the test was crap.
4. Well fitting horse rider pair - Conformation check.
3. No discussions with caller during the test! - He did call the wrong movements!!!
2. Working canter is uncontrollable - You are sooo right!
1. After good trot work the Haflinger went off by himself in the canter - The canter is our favorite gait!

And then there was the test with 6 spelling mistakes that were corrected by the judge - German for beginners during my dressage test obviously...

Last but not least, here is a Top 10 of comments scribes were NOT allowed to write...wondering how often judges WANT to have them written down...

Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write

10. The letters are there to help you navigate your test, not teach us the the alphabet.
9. The rodeo is next week.
8. You are too fat for your horse.
7. Don’t quit your non-horse job.
6. Bad riding or bad horse, too close to call.
5. You obviously failed geometry class, you don’t even know what a circle is.
4. Go home, sell your horse and quit riding.
3. If your horse is going to show me his belly, clean off the pee stains.
2. That horse needs a career change…he may be more suited as glue.
1. It’s called “sitting trot” not “sit and flop”.

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