As Seen Through Hafl's Eyes: My Human Needs Something To Do - NOW!

Don't get me wrong, I love my human. At least, I love the treats. And getting to see her five times a week was fine. Perfectly fine. But now, I see her EVERY DAY! And I mean every day. Seeing her would not be that bad (as long as she brings treats) but hey, she wants me to work now more than five times a week, too.

Oh my - here she is AGAIN!

Well, ah, really?!

And where are the days when I had the whole day on my own, and in the afternoon some workout. Hay all day long, sunshine, rain, hay and more hay. But now, she is here! All the time! In the morning before hay, after hay and even during hay, lunch is almost everyday late as she wants to work me before hay, after hay or even during hay! And then she comes back at night to say good night! I mean that is nice but how would you feel when there is a visitor around 24/7??? There is almost no privacy left! When was the last time when I was sleeping on my paddock in the sun not hearing a human voice?! It seems that her voice is everywhere now! I can just try to hear as little as possible but believe me, she knows how to scream and shout.

So there is all this disturbing during hay (to be fair, there is more treats as compensation) but then, there is this extra work. I mean I was a hard working pony before already - and now, I even sweat during riding!!! EVEN THOUGH I AM CLIPPED ALREADY (jap, she clipped a bow on my butt, a huge one. Jap, that is also a sign of her having too much time)! And we learn new things. Sure, I love new things as this normally means more treats - but working so hard for so little more?! No, thanks, I do not need these extra treats, I need some more private time again - without her being around. I think she is already cutting my mane every other day, polishing my hooves every day and cleaning my stalls five times a day - no matter what I do to make a mess, she cleans it up immediately - THAT IS NO FUN!

Leave me alone, human, I am busy!
And I am always clean - I roll, she grooms, I stand in the rain, she screams to get in, I want to find a warm spot to lie in in my stalls, she has already put it away... How much more do I have to suffer?! IS THIS GOING TO LAST FOREVER?!

Hope not! So I decided, I need to keep her busy with other stuff - she cannot be around the whole day 6-7 days a week. She simply CAN'T!

No, I'd rather be in my stalls...go home, human!

As far as I know, she "studied" years ago - the only thing she is studying right now is obviously ME! Looking at me all the time, talking, asking stupid questions during our lessons (hell yeah, I know what a flying change is but your question is so dumb so I will not do it properly until YOU get it right!), TALKING to me...  She is very good in cleaning obviously, in feeding and bringing treats - should be easy to get here a new job, right? And, well, yeah, she knows how to clip a horse - at least she draws the patterns... don't know if that helps. She has some lack of knowledge in riding, but I am helping her to learn - she is not bad, just takes her some time...

I can easily motivate her (to move her leg away from my hooves for example), I can easily make her angry and I have trained her well to bring treats. To me, she is pretty good human. So, other humans out there, save a Hafl, give her a something to do - I do not know if I can stand this any longer... YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO GO AND EARN MONEY, DO YOU?!

Ugh, pin my my EARS!

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