[Product Review] What Knot Hairnet

(Most) Dressage riders are divas, we try to look as neat and clean as possible when riding our tests and it is a no go for hair sticking out under your helmet or top hat. Normally, I would use one of these

(I actually have the same) to tame this:

Try to get THESE into a hairnet!
So far so good.With buying my Charles Owen Hampton there was literally no space to fit such a net and bow below the edge of the helmet as it is pretty low already. It could also be that my neck is simply too short. As I cannot change either of these, I needed a new solution other than simply leave it as is or braiding my hair and leaving it rolled up my neck.

When hay-net.co.uk looked for product testers for the Aerborn What Knot Hairnet, I was curious. I have heard about all-over-your-head hairnets and I was pretty sure they were not at all common in mainland Europe.

The What Knot Hairnet comes in pair with a matching hair tie. You can choose from different colors and lengths to match your hair perfectly. At first, they seem very thin and prone to tear but actually, I only used the first one for the several last shows and it is still perfect. I was also worried as my stock tie has velcro in the back and even though it got stuck there several times, nothing severe happened to the net. So as far as I can say now, it is also very durable

It wears very comfortable, it looks a bit weird when seen without the helmet but in the end, it does a great job of taming my hair. The colour perfectly matches my hair, the only thing that I have to do is to wear it "upside down" meaning that the folded part of the net needs to go direction forehead - otherwise, it would split my "hairdo" in two in the back which would not look good.

Normally, my helmet leaves marks on my forehead and it is a bit tight - with wearing the What Knot hairnet it seems that the fit of my helmet is better, too.

Wearing my What Knot Hairnet
This hairnet is the perfect solution when you cannot fit a bow/bun solution below your helmet. It looks perfectly neat and there is no single hair sticking out. Unfortunately, I have no pictures wearing it without helmet, but here is the official product video:

Visit www.aerborn.co.uk for more info!

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