[DIY] Easy Lunge Pad

As I am having too much time now, and baking and cooking cannot be a 24/7 job, I decided to do some horsey DIY again. First piece is a lunge pad - to be used under a roller instead of a saddle pad.

So I went to a store with discount fabrics and bought 1/2m of already quilted and lightly lined fabrics. At home, I still had some foamed material. I cut two 25cm strips of almost the length of the quilted fabric (approx. 1.50m). I glued these two together and put them aside. Then, I started to sew the quilted fabric together, leaving a little bit open such that I could turn it around and insert the foamed material for additional padding. I closed the open part, sewed the already closed side straight and added some more details.

First, two loops to keep the roller in place. I did use some cheap straps I also bought at the store, welded the ends with a lighter and sewed them by hand. Additionally, I added some anti-slip pads which I made of IKEA carpet slip resistant fabric - which was super cheap. I cut out some recantgles and sewed them on the pad by hand. Last but not least, I added an iron-on patch et voila - there you go! I tried it yesterday and it worked perfectly. I decided to take non-cotton fabric which has the advantage that it does not stain that easily, on the other hand, it is not breathable as cotton would be. But try to find a fabric that fits your needs best - there is a whole range of already quilted ones out there - I had no idea!

And now, in pictures, a step by step instruction:

As easy as this - any questions? Comment below!

And here is the pad in action:

Looks good!



Anti-Slip Patches


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