A Hug A Day..

As you may already know, there is a day for everything. And once again, at the beginning of this year, I made my way through hundreds of special days that were yet to come to find out the ones I would like to celebrate. Today, is a very special day: Hugging Day or National Hugging Day as some may call it.

So here is the thing: I hate hugging people! Even dearest friends and family know not to hug me, let alone "strangers". There is no hugging with me! Except when you are a four legged pony with curly forelock. Then I say yes to hugging - but then HE is the one that hates it! Hafl is such a non-hugging-cuddling pony. Yes, you can touch him everywhere (not his years, though) and yes, you can try to caress him but once started he feels bored and searches for treats instead. 

It is not only this characteristics that show me that he is MY horse. Today, he ran into the stalls when I was calling - no matter what you say, I call it a hug. A non-physical one, but a mental one. Hearing me calling his name and reacting - worth a 1,000 hugs. What's more, he was a good boy while riding. Again, a 1,000 hugs for my soul. We're good, as I've said, I do not like hugs anyway.

Go hug your horse, he might like it!

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