Happy Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day - Choose Goals Instead!

Today is not only Sunday, but also Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions Day. Good thing: it is still Sunday. And it was a nice day. Regarding the resolutions: I did not have any! Instead of starting to list resolutions, I made yet another list of goals - I am somehow more successful with goals than with resolutions. If you are already at the stage of ditching your resolutions, don't worry, you are in good company: I have to cite myself from 3 year's ago when I wrote about New Year's resolutions saying that according to Forbes only 8% of all with resolutions actually succeed. Here again, a list of things that most of us probably have already quot doing in 2016:

So I chose goals over resolutions, meaning that I cannot ditch anything today. Not yet. But I have already a nice set of goals and plans. On the one hand, there is a list of goals - so let's take a look at it:

- Showing third level: I still cannot believe it as we are still not firm in the flying changes but hopefully, by beginning of April we will. We need 4 scores above 62% in the LP class (a very simple third level test) to get to our next license (RD3) and be able to show in 3rd level (the "real" one, the one with the changes, and half passes in canter and so on).

- Participating in the Regional Haflinger Championships that, for the first time ever in Carinthia, will be held in 3rd level. This will take place in July, so I'd better be 3rd level ready by July.

- Participate in the ALPE ADRIA DRESSAGE TROPHY. And go abroad for a show. Really. Not like last year. It will be Lipica, Slovenia, in June. A great show in a great stud. What a great opportunity that would be!

- Be placed in the Dressurtour series: Driving several times to Styria again to take part in the series - last year we only by little missed the rankings (and the money).

- Be part of the Carinthian Team Championships: That one will be so much fun!

I know already that some things that I had thought that would happen in 2016: I will not go the GDF in Wellington this year. Not knowing where my professional career will take me led to no planning security. So no Wellington this year. Obviously, also no other major Equestrian event like Aachen this year. Bummer. That was so much fun. There a no other championships this year in Austria (Austrian Haflinger Championships will take place only next year, Europeans only in two years), so not too much pressure from that side.

2016 will be a major milestone year. Approaching third level means so much to me. It is something I never dared dreaming of. I don't know how well it will go and I don't know what will happen in case we succeed.

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