Ready - Set - Go!

One week left til show number 1 of this season. As I am already overly excited, I have started packing already (I could literally drive to the show grounds today.... A new set of show bags needs some reorganization on my side, that is my starting point. I have a dedicated sports bag for the show outfits now: white breeches, show shirts and some spare polos as well as show socks go in there. You can find also a pair of extra gloves and some band aid as well as safety pins and a needle, some rubber bands, my dutt donuts and hairnets in there.


How cool is that bag in the bag that will hold all the dirty stuff?!

Then there is the grooming bag, which is bigger than the older one and has some more pockets on and in it. Cannot put anything in as all the grooming stuff is in the trailer. 

The major innovation is the huge HV Polo travel bag, where I can fit all my saddle pads in and attach it to my tack locker. With this, pads no longer have to go into the tack locker or carried around by hand. What an achievement!

The boot bag is a little different to the one I used before. Still, I make sure that I fit the shoe polish in to make it logical and easy to find.

My blankets will get a new storage: I bough super cheap washing bags that are big enough for the thin blankets. As they are not of solid fabrics but mesh, they give them some air to breathe when slightly wet or whatever (no chance, mold!).

I bought a new bucket, new trailer ties and new ropes to hang haynets and bags into the trailer and into the stable tents at shows. I also bought a new saddle rack that can be easily attached to the stable doors.
Trailer ties and saddle rack

A bucket full of stuff that still needs some space in the tack locker

And I want to give this hoof balm a go: it is a bottle with integrated brush - for now, I used those standard hoof oils and after applying it, there was hoof oil literally everywhere, even worse when it was very warm. Let's see how that one works out.

Will you solve the problem of spilled hoof oil?

Hafl's water canister might need to be exchanged as it leaked already last year but that was only a few Euros in one of these 1-Euro-Shops. It is handier to carry one of these to the bucket than carrying the bucket itself. What's more, I also put a filled canister on the trailer such that when we go somewhere for just one day, I have water for Hafl at hand without having to search for a hose.

Hafl is all set and done for the show. I cut his mane and tail already two weeks ago, I just want to give him a bath next week (hopefully, we will see sunnier and warmer days by then).

Of course, on Thursday I still need to clean tack and boots but apart from that I feel pretty organized already. Actually, there is still some things to do as you can see from my to do lists... But we have one week still...

At least, I will post pictures on my close to perfection tack locker hopefully soon! And I think you haven't seen the highly polished trailer yet, have you?

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