Training Update 4 - Stretch Yourself, For Greatness and For Height

Uh, it has been a while since I last posted on our training progress. The last now already four weeks were pretty interesting. We rode 12 times, five times with my trainer, one free jumping session, he had only six days off and was lunged four times.

Let me start with my personal breakthrough: my yoga class started. Every Tuesday, right before work at 7:30, I drag myself into the University Sports Insitute which is located close to my workplace and try not to die in the 1.5-hour work out. It is tough, oh my God, I had no idea. Some moves hurt so much I cannot tell, but the result is way beyond expectations. It seems that with the accident now almost six years ago, something happened to my muscles and posture, maybe the months-long dependence on crutches.
Packing now two bags every Tuesday morning....

Whatever happened, it seems to release with those yoga movements. After the workout, I feel strange...every move feels like dizzy, like sore, like my body needs to find out how to move again. But afterwards, I feel relaxed and good. It also helps me with focusing as I am still a person who thinks of hundreds of things at the same time. Yoga seems to work for my body and mind.

And I could see the immediate response from Hafl. As I quickly learned to pull my belly button inside upwards (I still cannot believe that I was not able to do that before obviously) and actively relaxing my lower back, he apparently does not feel negatively impacted by my stuck pelvis. It seems as if I am able to roll with his movement now. You might think how can that be and I cannot explain it but I am back to sitting the canter as I was riding the canter some hundred years ago. The movement feels way more natural now.

Oh yes, Hafl, YOU should be tired, not me....
The biggest win with my newly found canter move is that I can control Hafl way better with my seat. Half halts do work now, as I can properly use my seat. I can feel that in all three gaits but most in canter.

What's more, we changed our flying changes strategy. As soon as I leave the track turning towards the centerline and on the centerline itself, I try to ride forward, really pushing him towards my hands. Then, I give him two to three as precise as possible half halts followed by the aids for the change. The result is that we are now able to do a better timing of the change, a better preparation and a better change. Of course, we are far from perfect but we are also far away now from running mad like hell, from having changes that happen unintentionally, from changes that do happen accidentally. Now, it feels more controlled, more balanced.

Interestingly enough, changes work great on the centerline right before A or C, while we see some issues with doing them on the track - which should actually be easier. But as long as there is progress, there is hope.

Regarding my Sworkit statistics, I have been really lazy the last few weeks. I promise to get back to a good amount of time spent on workouts instead of too much sitting in front of this computer...

Two weeks to go to the first show. I am super excited, I am so much looking forward to it already. Looking at my table, I see all the new stuff for the trailer that I bought already, on the weekend I will start packing all the stuff. Just because I am looking forward to it so much already.

Blurry, but you can still see his cutie face!

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