3 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Child A Horse

As a parent, it’s probable that you will do anything to make your child’s every dream come true. But when your child wants a horse, you might not be so eager to comply. They can be expensive, time-consuming and require a lot of care and attention. All of which you may not think your child is ready to commit to. But there are plenty of incredible benefits your son or daughter can get from having their own horse too. To give you some insight, here are some reasons why owning a pet horse is a fantastic idea for your child.

Me, wearing pink glasses back then, taking care of a horse in return of some tack walking

They can improve their self-esteem

If your child is lacking in confidence and finds it difficult to make friends, a pet horse can help them overcome this. Having unconditional love from an animal that they adore is the best feeling in the world. They now have someone they can teach and care for; they will feel empowered and in control. This will improve their self-esteem as well as making them more independent. Going to the barn every day will also allow them to meet other children with the same interests, making it easier to make friends. It shouldn’t take long for you to see a drastic and positive change in their personality and attitude as a result.

It will keep them active

Many children spend their spare time on computers or watching TV. Whereas your child can spend their evening and weekends enjoying the outdoors with their new horse. They can spend hours cleaning the stables, feeding their horse and exercising them. They can go on rides and walks around the countryside together. Plus they can learn how to show jump, trot and tack up their horse correctly. All of which are highly active tasks that burn calories and strengthen their bones and muscles. It’s also been claimed being around horses can help build the immune system, meaning your child won’t get sick as often. So if you want your child to get outside and stay fit and healthy, getting a horse is an excellent incentive.

It will teach them about responsibility

As with any pet, horses require care, training, and love. Your child’s horse will depend on her for these things, and this will give them a real sense of responsibility. It will be down to them to organize their time to exercise, muck out and groom their new pet. While also getting a job or helping around the house to get money for horse supplies or boarding fee. When they know an animal is reliant on them, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they are cared for. Owning a horse builds a strong character while also teaching them skills they can use as they get older.

Only you can make the final decision on whether owning a horse is the right decision for your family. Why not encourage your child to volunteer at nearby barns to get a better understanding of what it entails? This will show you both whether they are ready to be the owner of their own beautiful horse or pony. I did that myself when I was young. By doing so, I learned the value of hard work and had always a place to go to. I do not regret a single hour I spent mucking out in exchange for riding lessons.

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