Training on Saturday: Stay On The Ground

The boys waiting for me...
To make horsey time on the weekends more appealing for my boyfriend, I started to let him work with Hafl from the ground. As he is a bit too tall for him, riding is pretty limited but he can work him in hand, lunge him and much more - there are so many possibilities!

So, after last week's session, he did another one last Saturday. He is trying to focus on his body language, doing shoulder in, haunches in and leg yielding in the walk - which is working great already. He even trotted him on a circle - and that is not an easy task as you have to make the horse move UP instead of FORWARD. It is so much fun to see the two work out together and after every session both of them are really tired (and sweaty) but super happy! And here are some pictures mainly showing shoulder ins on both sides and a very nice square halt!

Teaching him to work Hafl on his own makes us an even better team! Go Team Hafl!

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