Home-Arena Advantages?! At least, a lot of prep work

Oh yes, that is my pretty poster boy!

The good thing about having a show at your barn is that you do not have to travel and your horse is already accustomed to all the circumstances that could distract him during a test - a clear home-arena advantage. But: having a show at your barn above all means one: a lot of prep work.

Yesterday, we could finish a lot - here is a ton of pictures from us sticking nameplates to tent stables, repairing the hay tent, me "driving" a tractor, getting rid of fences, poles and cavaletti... Still, some work to do today, more pictures to follow! Let alone that my kur music is not finished yet, Hafl needs a bath, I need to learn my test.......

To the left: the party tent (for dressage riders....)

Well, yeah, that is broken now...

More Hafls....


Fix a tent!


Me...driving a tractor...

Tht is how we do it...we lost one of the aluminium ones half way...

And then you realize...there is a chicken running free...or two or three..there were four in the end

A little rest...

Hafl enjoying pasture time

Almost done for the day...

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