Monthly Round-Up: What You Should Not Have Missed On Dressage Hafl in May 2016

Don't you hate it when you do not have enough time to read all the interesting things on the internet? And once you have time, you will never find those interesting articles again. You are not alone - that is why I decided to round up the best blog post of each month for you. You're welcome!

May was all about training for the next shows, trying to explain to outside people that it is not just a pet, my personal freestyle drama and a little more DIY (guess who has a rear view cam for the trailer now?!).

Training On Saturday: Stay On The Ground
To make horsey time on the weekends more appealing for my boyfriend, I started to let him work with Hafl from the ground. As he is a bit too tall for him, riding is pretty limited but he can work him in hand, lunge him and much more - there are so many possibilities[...]

My Horse Is My Life
Outside people cannot understand it. Running out of the office to get to the barn, ride until late nights, facing the ice cold, summer heat, autumn rain, fog, snow. No matter how tough the weather conditions are, driving to the barn is not just a spare time activity. It is not just a way to relax after a day of hard work. To reduce stress. It is not like a nice workout, often seen as easy because you “just sit on that horse”. It is not just snuggling with something bigger than a dog. My horse is not a pet, he is my sports buddy. We are not just snuggling and hand walk and riding bareback. We do real work: train him to build the muscles to stand the ever increasing movements, training me to become a better supporter, better communicator. He has to his jobs and I have to do mine. To get a step closer to harmony every time we ride[...]

Thinking back on last year when preparing my freestyle feels like this year is a total mess (even my first ever freestyle seems like a miracle to me right now)[...]

Pimp My Trailer Part 2It's been two years already since I posted about the little DIY on my horse trailer. The trailer itself was pretty new when I bought it two years ago but still, it seemed that there were things that could be improved. Challenge accepted[...]

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