[Product Review] Decathlon - Fouganza Anti-Fly Sheet: Yay Or Neigh?

Some weeks ago, one of my preferred sports goods shop, Decathlon, was looking for a product reviewer for their Anti-Fly sheet on Facebook. I was more than happy when I was chosen as such and shortly after that, the fly sheet arrived. To be honest, I was always against pampering horses too much but since this year was particularly bad when it comes to flies and other nasty insects, I wanted to give one of these a try.

The product description on the company's website reads as follows:
WARMTH: Highly ventilated mesh sheet.
EASE OF USE: 2 breast buckles. Barrel flap and tail flap.
FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Gussets. Extra long neck cover that protects the horse even with the head down
ANATOMIC DESIGN: High neckline.
COMPOSITION: 100% polyester.

When the sheet arrived, I was surprised how heavy the parcel was. It said 3.5kg! And the sheet was actually way heavier than the light fly sheets I use for traveling in summer. So I was worried: would it be too warm? Would Hafl sweat too much underneath? Trying the blanket on for the first time showed how well it fitted him (135cm in back length). The hood is detachable which is another plus. The sheet also comes with a belly flap.

I just realized later when he started to run and buck around in the fields, that this heavy blanket would simply not move and there would be no chance for it to slip! Another good thing: the hood does not need to be attached to a halter, it stays in place on his very own.

Regarding fit, again, this blanket was a little too wide in the front. There were not enough holes in the breast strap but with the help of my hole punch I could easily make it fit.

All the buckles are attached with elastics straps which perfectly move along with the horse.

The hood is pretty long and also attached to the back with an elastic strap. This keeps it perfectly in place when grazing.

The hood as a neoprene trim. It is nylon lined in the area of the mane such that it prevents rubbing. The same lining is used in the front breast area and for the tail flap.

What I really like about this blanket are the specially designed eyes that are not rectangular but polygonal allowing a way better fit without distorting in any direction. I have never seen these eyes before on other blankets.

Rear straps are standard and again, they are elastic keeping the blanket where it is supposed to be also while rolling.

The fabric looks super thick and dense but you can actually see through it and it feels comfy on the horses skin.

The lining I mentioned earlier on the tail flap. The good thing: it prevents rubbing, the bad thing: it makes the horse sweat more (in the mane and breast area),

Here you can see the lining of the hood.

Elastic surcingles - check:

That is the sweaty area on Hafl - I do not consider it as a major problem, though.

So, Hafl seemed to know that this is a product review because he started to graze through a wooden fence rubbing the hood against a wooden fence a hundred times. The fabric is very durable: yes, there was pilling but no, no holes even though he was doing it for hours!

Holding the blanket for the first time I thought the fabric would not hold any water. What I used to do is water the blanket for some extra cooling - and it also worked with this blanket! Hafl was really cool underneath when the temperatures rose above 33°C.

The only thing: being wet wants Hafl to roll! And as you can see, no risk of stepping on a lost blanket, it is perfectly secured. Once dried, the sand can be brushed off easily. I haven't washed it yet.

You can see that there is no problem of slipping hood or blanket:

Apart from the missing holes of the front buckles, the blanket is beyond my expectations and a great relief for Hafl. Another important fact is the price, which is way cheaper than competitor's models. A definite "YAY" for this blanket!


Thanks to Decathlon Germany for having me as product reviewer! Please check out their great collection of equestrian equipment: Hafl is using their saddle pads, boots and many other products and I am a huge fan of their stuff as well - just waiting for a new pair of breeches which should arrive tomorrow. I also use their camping, yoga, gymnatics and bike equipment!


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