What's New In My Tack Trunk?

I have enough tack...said no equestrian ever! I do not know what it is that makes me want more saddle pads, new boots, a new browband (because all the old items would still work fine) but every now and then (rather all the time...whenever possible) I buy something new. To make Hafl happy. Okay, to make me happy. Because I deserve it. Yes, there is plenty of occasions where you deserve a new saddle pad. The achieved score at the show, the clinic, the sale at the local tack store...

Anyway, I actually really needed a new set of white boots for Hafl. Really, I needed them. White boots are perfect, they fit every saddle pad meaning I do not need 10 sets of boots matching every saddle pad color possible but only one. So far so good. The bad thing about white boots is that they turn greyish brownish slobberish pretty soon - thus, you (okay okay, ME) needs new boots more often.

So I searched the internet for new boots and I wanted to treat myself with something special - sorry, Hafl of course. Our equipment manager needed to go to the US for a business trip and I made use of that and bought new boots in the US. It is pretty difficult to find stuff that you cannot get here, but after a long search on eBay I found the Bar F boots pictured below:

Look at these nice boots!
Okay, you can only guess but this is a ballistic nylon surface
Soft neoprene inside
What can I say? These boots are not made of fake leather or neoprene but of ballistic nylon. That is why I bought them as they seem to be pretty durable (do not ask me HOW Hafl always destroys his boots...). And I thought there were pretty easy to clean (and dry). I was right: you can put them right into the washing machine, they even survive 60°C. They dry super fast, actually, they are almost dry when coming out of the washing machine.

They are not really stain-resistant though. With Hafl getting many many treats during riding (no sugar), more and more slobber finds its way to the legs and boots. Most of them vanish during normal washing cycles and I still have to find out whether I can get rid of the rest with a little bit of soaking or different detergent.

The Bar F boots on the runway
I like how they embrace the legs perfectly - only the velcros came in a bit too long so I had to cut them for a neat look.

For now, I have enough boots. But let's be realistic, the ones in the show tack locker would need replacement.....

Hafl enjoys his workout with his new boots

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